The shooter handed himself in shortly after the attack" />

Blood feud in Azerbaijan: five dead, two wounded

The shooter handed himself in shortly after the attack

Five people were killed and two injured earlier today as a result of shooting at a market in the village of Boyuk Kasik in the north-west of Azerbaijan.

The shooter is one Elnur Suleymanov. A preliminary version of events says he committed the
crime on the basis of a blood feud.

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On the morning of June 17, Elnur Suleymanov entered the market with a Kalashnikov assault rifle and opened fire.
Shargia Musayeva, who was selling at the market and her two sons were killed immediately.

They were the main victims of Suleymanov, as there was a long-term feud between their families.

Another woman, Zainab Jalilova, was also killed in the fire.

Three more people were injured and taken to the hospital. One of them died, the second had to have his leg amputated.

Shortly after the crime, Suleymanov came to confess to the police and surrendered his weapon.

A criminal case was initiated against him under two articles – premeditated murder and illegal possession of weapons.

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