He was arrested after a protest which was held regarding the fate of Ilqar Mammadov " />

Azerbaijani opposition figure continues eighth day of hunger strike in prison

He was arrested after a protest which was held regarding the fate of Ilqar Mammadov

Fizuli Huseynov is a member of the Azerbaijani opposition party National Front who was arrested in Baku on 14 June after a protest demonstration. He received 10 days in prison for ‘failing to obey the commands of a law enforcement officer’.

Huseynov dedicated his demonstration to the birthday of Ilqar Mammadov who is serving a seven year term. Mammadov is the leader of the Republican Alternative opposition party.

With a portrait of Mammadov in hand, Huseynov demanded his release.

Immediately after his beingarrested, Huseynov announced a hunger strike which has now lasted more than a week.

Turan news agency was told by Huseynov’s lawyer Javad Javadov that Huseynov started feeling unwell on the fifth day of his hunger strike, and that he looks weak and pale. However, he has continued his hunger strike despite his condition and the pleas of his lawyer.

Huseynov was arrested in the past as well and has carried out hunger strikes.

In October of last year, when his health had seriously deteriorated due to a long-term hunger strike, the police tried to have him sent to a psychiatric hospital. However, psychiatric experts found his mental health in normal condition. Huseynov ended his hunger strike only after receiving pleas from opposition leaders.

Leader of the Republic Alternative party Ilqar Mammadov was sentenced to seven years in prison after he visited the Ismailli where large scale protests were taking place. He was accused of ‘organising actions and activities which disrupted public order and his active participation in such actions’ and ‘use of force against a representative of the authorities’.

Mammadov’s release has been demanded on numerous occasions by international organisations. In May of this year, many expected that he would be released on amnesty. However, this did not take place.

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