Police broke up a rally of parents of the detainees" />

Azerbaijan: Ganja residents demand release of people detained after attempt on mayor’s life

Police broke up a rally of parents of the detainees

A protest rally was held in the city of Ganja today in the west of Azerbaijan in front of the local government building.

The parents of several young people arrested in connection with the unrest of July 2018 in the city are demanding their release.

The Ganja events of July 2018

On 3 July 2018 an attempt was made on the life of Elmar Valiyev, the former mayor of Ganja. Local resident Yunis Safarov shot Valiyev and his guard – both survived, and Safarov was detained.

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A protest rally in support of Yunis Safarov began on 10 July in front of the Ganja government building. About 200 people gathered for the demonstration. A clash occurred between the police and the protesters, and two policemen were killed.

One of the suspects died a few days later during his arrest, and the second was arrested.

More than ten other people were arrested. In March, some of them were sentenced to terms ranging from five to eight years on charges of organizing riots and resisting the police.

More on the demonstration

Protesters believe that their children were arrested illegally.

They also claimed that the arrested have been tortured. Police officers demanded that the participants of the demonstration disperse and go to the prosecutor’s office or to the court of appeals.

Then the police began to push and shove the crowd. The protesters moved to the police building, but they were driven out from there, saying that “the demonstration is illegal and violates public order”.

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