Georgia comes in 24th place" />

Attitudes towards LGBT people: Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia and Russia show worst rankings

Georgia comes in 24th place

Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia and Russia took the last four places of 49 countries of Europe and Central Asia in a rating of hostility towards LGBTQ individuals compiled by the international organization ILGA-Europe.

Ukraine ranked 35th, while Georgia came in 24th.

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The most tolerant

The six countries where society and the state are most tolerant of LGBT individuals (in descending order) were Malta, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

How is the rating put together?

Six criteria are used in the ranking:

1. Equal rights and non-discrimination.

2. The ability to create a family.

3. Legal recognition of gender diversity.

4. Involvement in civil society.

5. The possibility of obtaining asylum in a given country on the basis of being an LGBTQ individual.

6. Crimes of hostility against sexual minorities and hate speech.

What is ILGA-Europe?

ILGA-Europe is an international association of more than 400 organizations from Europe and Central Asia that advocate the rights of sexual minorities (gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual) and fight against discrimination against them.

The organization compiles an annual rating of tolerance towards LGBTQ people.

A participant takes part in a high heel race to protest in favor of gender equality in Monterrey, Mexico May 12, 2019. REUTERS/Daniel Becerril

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