Most of the funds will go towards developing local infrastructure " />

Armenian government allocates $20 million for regional development

Most of the funds will go towards developing local infrastructure

The Armenian government intends to allocate 10 billion drams ($20 million) towards the development of rural areas this year, Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan announced earlier today.

What will the money be spent on?

Most of these funds will go to infrastructure development projects, with the aim of stimulating the socio-economic situation of the rural areas.

Officials acknowledge that many problems have accumulated in these areas. After the revolution of April 2018, many village and town leaders were replaced in Armenia.

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“In my opinion, the head of the community should have the support of the community itself. We are talking about improving the investment climate in the rural areas, but to whichever community you go, you will see buildings that belong to the head of the community or his relatives. This is a strange situation. And it is surprising that the inhabitants of the communities tolerate this,” Pashinyan said.

State service is not a business

Pashinyan says it is unacceptable for officials to use their position to enrich themselves.

“I want to emphasize that serving in the civil service as the head of the community … cannot and should not be perceived as a business activity. The basis of the civil service is the enrichment of society.”

Another problem

One of the issues to be addressed is that of trash and waste management.

Pashinyan noted: “I will only say that we have achieved serious success once we have cleaned out the trash from Armenia, from rusted stalls to car bodies. This is really an area in which the central government and local governments should cooperate.”

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