Cinema professionals donated unique objects to the museum that were used in filming" />

Armenian cinematography museum opens in Yerevan

Cinema professionals donated unique objects to the museum that were used in filming

A museum dedicated to Armenian cinematography has opened in Yerevan. Upon opening it immediately received a number of new and interesting acquisitions which have played a role in the history of Armenian film-making. The new exhibitions were donated by Armenian cinema professionals from their personal collections.

They gave the museum symbolic items that had been used in the filming of Armenian films such as cameras, film-rolls, lighting equipment and hand-written sheet music.

The Minister of Culture, Armen Amiryan, believes that this museum will become popular within a short period of time:

“We think that this will be one of the best museums in the museum world and one of the most visited and loved.”

The Chairman of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia, Harutyun Khachatryan, spoke at the opening ceremony:  

“I am inspired. we will have a cinematheque which will not be just some old, dead museum – but rather, it will be a real museum where cinema lessons, film restoration and other master-classes will take place. There will be a library, a film library and a small hall for watching films. For that reason, we will continue to fulfill our dream – to acquaint the viewer with Armenian cinematography. It turns out that cinema is not dying; it is becoming even more loved and appreciated, even more interesting to the entire world … more serious, an important weapon.”

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