As always, most of the fruits are exported to Russia" />

Armenian apricot exports up 78 per cent this year

As always, most of the fruits are exported to Russia

Armenian apricot exports are up 78 per cent as of 1 August, Minister of Agriculture Artur Khachatryan has announced.

“Last year we exported 29 thousand tons of apricots. This year, we’ve already exported 50 thousand tons. The season has practically come to an end, Now, apricots that are being kept in refrigerators are being exported”.

He also announced other data pertaining to agricultural production. In particular, over the past seven months about 100 thousand tons of fruit and vegetables were exported, while 120 thousand tons were exported over the course of the entire year. 

“We have already filled last year’s figures by 70 per cent, and we still have the autumn fruit ahead of us. If we have no issues with water, the year will have been a successful one for agriculture.”

The main importer of Armenian fruits and vegetables is Russia.


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