Sevak Khanagyan will present his own composition" />

Armenia to participate in Eurovision Song Contest with Armenian song only

Sevak Khanagyan will present his own composition

Sevak Khanagyan will represent Armenia at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Armenia’s representatives performed in both Armenian and English languages in previous contests. However, this year Khanagyan will sing only in Armenian and will perform his own song about loneliness called ‘Kami’ (the wind).

Armenia’s representative was selected based on the results of several rounds. Over 500 musicians performed as part of the ‘On the Way to Eurovision’ contest. Favorites were selected weekly by audience members, whereafter the top ten participants were chosen. In the finals, a winner was selected by a professional jury comprised equally of international experts and TV viewers. Khanagyan was selected by both.

Khanagyan was born in 1987.  His parents took him to Moscow when he was a child. He graduated from the vocal department of the State Classical Academy named after Maimonides. As the singer stated in an interview, his love for music was instilled by his father.

Sevak Khanagyan previously participated in the Russian The Voice and Glavnaya Stsena  (The Main Stage) competitions. He also won the Ukrainian X-Factor competition. He became renowned in Armenia after those events. 

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