“Azerbaijan should lift the blockade, not take hostile actions against Armenia, and put an end to Armenophobia.”" />

Armenia not opposed to incorporation of Azerbaijan into the EAEU, but on one condition

“Azerbaijan should lift the blockade, not take hostile actions against Armenia, and put an end to Armenophobia.”

photo: Gevorg Ghazaryan, JAMnews.

The Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan stated in a conversation with journalists that Armenia will welcome Azerbaijan’s membership into the Eurasian Economic Union, granted it complies with the provisions set forth in the EAEU Agreement – particularly the obligation to not take harmful actions towards other member countries.

“We would be very happy to see Azerbaijan become a part of this organization,” Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister recently said in Baku.

Kocharyan also referenced Azerbaijan’s blockade of Armenia, but said that Azerbaijan’s integration into the EAEU, or even being granting ‘observer’ status will be welcomed as long as it fulfills the obligations established for observer and member countries of the organization.

“This means Azerbaijan will have to lift the blockade and put an end to Armenophobia and not take hostile actions against it,” Kocharyan explained.

Eduard Sharmazanov, Vice Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia and Press Secretary of the Republican Party of Armenia said that Armenia does not mind being in one organization with Azerbaijan, just as it does with other international organizations. However, Sharmazanov believes that Azerbaijan is unlikely to put an end to its hatred for Armenians.

“Armenia is a democratic country, and does not conduct its foreign policy against any country like Azerbaijan or Turkey for example, but rather in the name of its own state interests, and for the well-being of its citizens.

“There are many examples where Armenia and Azerbaijan are members of the same international organizations such as the Council of Europe, the CIS and other organizations. Although Armenia is in an organization with Azerbaijan, it doesn’t mean that it should not protect its state interests. Armenia supports stability and peace in the region and is opposed to conflicts in the region. Armenia supports the values of 21st century civilization,” Eduard Sharmazanov said.

He stressed that if Azerbaijan is ready to comply with all provisions of the EAEU agreement, then Armenia has no reason to oppose its entry into the union.

According to the agreement, member countries of the EAEU make decisions by means of reaching a consensus. In other words, if any EAEU member country is against a decision, that country can veto it. Accordingly, Armenia has the right to veto Azerbaijan’s entry into the EAEU.

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