What is happening behind the diplomatic scandal in the Arab world" />

Arab countries break off relations with Qatar

What is happening behind the diplomatic scandal in the Arab world


Seven Arab countries have broken off diplomatic relations with Qatar.

The speech of the Qatari Emir (Monarch and head of state), in which he proposed to soften sanctions against Iran and to consider the country a strategic partner, was stated as the reason for the move.

Qatar`s ministry of foreign affairs declared the speech a fake, which did not help, as the content of the speech was very similar to recent official statements. Seven Arab countries accused Qatar of supporting such terrorist organizations as Islamic State, Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brothers, and demanded that its diplomats leave in 48 hours.

Qatar is a small Persian Gulf country, with one of the largest GDPs per capita in the world due to its enormous gas and oil reserves.

Experts have noted that a similar showdown took place two years ago. The main reason for it is the confrontation between the Sunni and the Shiite countries. They differ on the events in Syria, Libya and Jemen, providing support to the confronting forces in these countries.

The experts doubt the likelihood of Qatar breaking the agreement on oil production curbs, or a forceful change of the ruling Qatar dynasty.


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