18 tons of foodstuffs and essentials were transported by cargo aircraft " />

Another batch of Armenian humanitarian aid sent to Syria

18 tons of foodstuffs and essentials were transported by cargo aircraft

Armenia has sent another batch of humanitarian aid, mostly foodstuffs and daily essential, to Syria with Russia’s assistance. Armenian Defense Minister, Vigen Sargsyan, pointed out that the Russian side offered to pool efforts as part of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and jointly provide aid to Syria. Armenia prepared the humanitarian aid, while the Russian side provided an aircraft.

As Defense Minister Sargsyan stated in this regard, Armenia itself felt the importance of international humanitarian aid on many occasions. A century ago, it was Syria that ‘opened its doors and received Armenians, who suffered a great tragedy’ [the matter concerns the 1915 genocide and the Armenians deported from the Ottoman Empire].

According to the Armenian media reports, humanitarian aid from Armenia will be distributed to people irrespective of their ethnicity. The local Armenians, as well as international organizations, will be engaged in distribution of the humanitarian aid.

Armenian government allocated AMD46million (approximately US$100,000) from its reserve fund for transportation of the humanitarian aid to the Syrian population.

On the President’s order, humanitarian aid to Syria conflict-affected population was also sent on October 3 and 5, 2016. Overall 40 tons of cargo were delivered to Syria within this period.

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