...but they did so in public, which is something people in Tskhinval do not tolerate. " />

…and he kissed her

...but they did so in public, which is something people in Tskhinval do not tolerate. 

JAMnews conducted a small poll on the the streets of Tskhinval. 19 people were asked the question: “Is it okay to kiss in public? Only one of the respondents said “yes. Everyone else found it absolutely unacceptable.

Watch the video to hear what they had to say.

– ‘Kissing on the lips in the streets is unacceptable. It is not a customary practice in our town. It is something we never see here.’

– ‘It offends me, in general, when I see people kissing in the street. I don’t want my child to see that.’

– ‘Maybe it is acceptable in somewhere else, in certain cities…When I first saw a couple kissing in the center of Moscow, it was like a porn movie for me.’

– ‘Even if I go to Russia, I know that people are kissing in the streets there, but I have been brought up to never kiss in public, not for any reason whatsoever.’

– ‘It is absolutely uncultured for Ossetians, since Ossetia is a somewhat of a high-minded country.’

– ‘It’s indecent behavior. Modesty has always been something that is appreciated in the Caucasus.’

– ‘That’s exactly the reason why it is called intimacy – it concerns just two people–a man and a woman. Otherwise, we may as well start having children in the street.’

– ‘Kissing on the lips in the street is something I can tolerate. I spent the majority of my studentship in Russia and everything we have that is good here comes from Russia.’

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Published on 08.04.2016

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