Most social media users say that the tourist’s clothing was provocative and that he “got what he deserved” " />

Abkhaz public divided over beating of Russian tourist wearing kilt

Most social media users say that the tourist’s clothing was provocative and that he “got what he deserved”

Abkhaz social media is abuzz over a video depicting a Russian tourist being beaten for wearing a Scottish kilt.

The man was part of a tourism group travelling to the famous local Ritsa Lake.

On the way, the bus stopped at the Yupshar Canyon, so that vacationers could take in the sights and take photos. The garb of one of the tourists, a kilt, did not please locals, who made a remark about the man’s dress, after which a fight broke out.

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The main topic of discussion on Abkhaz social media is which was less appropriate: the tourist’s choice of clothing, or the violent reaction of local residents.

Generally in such situations, the public is inclined to take the side of tourists. However, the majority of social media users say that the clothing choice was provocative, and that the tourist “got what he deserved.”

Another video has surfaced depicting the same man walking around naked in the Russian Black Sea town of Sochi.

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Characteristic comments:

“A man has put on a kilt, that’s his business. Why pounce on a man because of his weirdness. This is not the first time that such defenders of men’s values are treating holidaymakers like cattle”

“If I go to Russia in Circassian garb – should I be attacked as well? This is also a national dress”

“Scots wear a kilt on special occasions and in full set, not just the skirt”

“He himself started the scandal, he was also drunk”

“He is a provocateur and got [what he deserved] for his boorish behavior! They should have called the police immediately”

Tourism in Abkhazia traditionally ranks first among the sources of income for the population, especially in the summer, providing jobs for up to 20 thousand people.

In 2018, two million tourists visited Abkhazia, more than half of them come for one-day visits. In June, the Minister of Tourism Avtandil Gartsky said at a press conference that he considered the need to “change the attitude towards tourists” as the main task for Abkhazia in the field of tourism.

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