A high rate of juvenile delinquency is the main reason for the proposal" />

A new bill imposing a curfew on minors proposed in Abkhazia

A high rate of juvenile delinquency is the main reason for the proposal

Photo:Agneshka Zelienko

The Abkhazian General Prosecutor’s Office has proposed restricting the presence of minors in public places at night.

The proposal has already been submitted to parliament for consideration.

The initiators of the bill suggest that the following new rules should be imposed at the legislative level:

  • From 1 April until 30 October when the days are longer, children and teens shouldn’t stay outside after 11 p.m.;
  • For the rest of the year after 10 p.m.

“A teen who will be found outdoors or in an entertainment facility after those hours will be taken to the MoI (Interior Ministry) for an interview. His/her parents will also be summoned and fined,” said Alina Khudyakova, the Chief of the Juvenile Division at the Sukhum MoI Department.

A cafe, bar, restaurant or any other facility where a teen has been staying after the proposed time will also be fined.

According to official statistical data, 80% of crimes involving juveniles, most of them thefts, were committed at night.

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