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News, reports, media on combat in Karabakh. October 16, 2020

  • 10 civilians killed in second missile strike on Ganja in Azerbaijan - presidential adviser

  • "In the north of Karabakh, today the enemy failed to capture a single height" - representative of the Armenian Defense Ministry

  • European Court ordered Azerbaijan to ensure the right to life and health of two Armenian prisoners of war

  • Video footage of Armenian prisoners fabricated - Azerbaijan's Prosecutor General's Office

  • Azerbaijani Defense Ministry published video from Hadrut settlement

  • Azerbaijani army took control of three more villages - Ilham Aliyev

  • Azerbaijani prisoner of war carried out an operation in Karabakh

  • Armenian Defense Ministry called on the international community to make targeted statements on the situation in Karabakh

  • Another civilian killed because of shelling from the Azerbaijani side - the Ombudsman of Karabakh

  • Armenian Defense Ministry denies shelling of Ordubad region of Nakhichevan

  • Turkish interference in Karabakh conflict must end - Greek Foreign Minister

  • Armenian armed forces launch missile strike on territory of Nakhchivan - Azerbaijan Defense Ministry

  • Armenian armed forces continue shelling settlements - Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry

  • New video from the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan published

  • Armenian Ombudsman to present evidence of inhumane treatment of Armenian prisoners of war to international structures

  • Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan: "Situation at front remains tense"

  • Armenia firing on populated areas of Azerbaijan - Azerbaijani Defense Ministry

  • Armenian Defense Ministry - the night was tense, artillery battles began in the morning

  • Brief summary of events as of the morning of October 16

  • News, reports, photos / videos on military operations in Karabakh for October 15, 2020

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