Social media users make light of Putin's comments" />

Vladimir Putin on biological weapons in Georgia and the ‘afterlife’ of Russians

Social media users make light of Putin's comments

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made several newsworthy statements at a discussion held by the Valdai Forum in Sochi on 18 October 2018.

On the development of biological weapons in Georgia

“Such developments – if they are being conducted – are very dangerous. It is alarming.

“Substances are being developed that can selectively influence a person based on their ethnicity. By the second or third generation, you can see that the original appearance has entirely been altered. If so, this is a big threat.”

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On Ukraine and Mikheil Saakashvili

“Kiev is pursuing an anti-state policy that resembles that of Mikheil Nikolayevich [Saakashvili]. As a result of Saakashvili’s actions, Georgia lost a significant part of its territory. It would be sad if the current Ukrainian government followed in his footsteps.”

On nuclear war and the afterlife

“We are not afraid of anything at all. An aggressor must know that retribution is inevitable.

“And we, as the victims of aggression, will go to heaven as martyrs. But they’ll just drop dead, because they won’t even have time to repent.”

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The reaction on social media networks

Russian social media users have been writing a number of jokes about the president’s speech. A few noteworthy quips:

“Whoever is there closest to him, don’t let the patient [president] watch Russian television.”

“Putin still lives in a world before pension reform, and therefore behaves accordingly: cheekily and imposingly.”

“Putin promised not to use nuclear weapons first.”

“Here on social media, everyone is discussing Vladimir Vladimirovich’s ideas about paradise. And the fact that on the eve [of the forum] he sent 25 billion dollars to Egypt for “economic development” did not interest anyone. And who, one wonders, is crazy here?”

What is the Valdai Forum

The Valdai Forum (Valdai Discussion Club) was created in 2004. It is a platform for foreign and Russian political scientists to meet and talk. However, only those who show complete loyalty to the Russian authorities are invited to attend. Traditionally, the main speaker at this event is Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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