USAID may be abolished" />

The US plan to dramatically cut aid to developing countries, Caucasus included

USAID may be abolished

The US president Donald Trump’s administration plans to dramatically cut aid to developing countries and to abolish USAID (The United States Agency for International Development), which currently provides civilian foreign aid around the world.

The allocations are to be cut by almost a third.

According to the document obtained by Foreign Policy, the cuts for South Caucasian countries are as follows:

  • Azerbaijan – by 100%
  • Armenia – by 77,3%
  • Georgia – by 41,4%

Aid to Ukraine may be cut by 69%.

Many American experts criticize the plan both for political and pragmatic reasons. Particularly, USAID includes programs to prevent infectious diseases.

As for the political ramifications the forecasts are dramatic.

“For years we have been urging Ukraine to integrate into European institutions. If now (after the aid cuts) the country moves towards Russia, it will not serve the US’s national interests right?” – former US ambassador to Ukraine, William Taylor, told Foreign Affairs.

Foreign Affairs reports that the administration plan will definitely face opposition. It is being criticized by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

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