Temporary ban on refugees and migrants from Middle East to be signed" />

Trump closing USA to refugees

Temporary ban on refugees and migrants from Middle East to be signed

U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to sign executive orders today that include a ban on most refugees and a suspension of visas for citizens of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, Reuters reported citing well-informed sources.

The restrictions are said to be temporary and will hold for several months.

CNN confirmed the reports, saying the signing of the orders began “a multi-day roll out of immigration actions”.

Controversial statements about Muslims and illegal immigration were a recurring aspect of Trump’s election campaign, in which he promised that, if elected, he would stop admission of immigrants from the nations that presented a terror threat to the USA, Europe and their allies.

However, immigration expert Hiroshi Motomura at UCLA School of Law told Reuters, detractors could launch legal challenges if all the countries subject to the ban are Muslim-majority nations. Legal arguments could claim the executive orders discriminate against a particular religion, which would be unconstitutional, he said.

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