‘Hostages’ is a drama - a drama without catharsis" />

The story of an attempted escape from Tbilisi in Soviet times on American TV

‘Hostages’ is a drama - a drama without catharsis

HBO, a major American cable television channel with an audience of over 40 million, bought ‘Hostages‘ – a movie directed by Rezo Gigineishvili – reports RIA Novosti. HBO produces the “Game of Thrones”, “Sex and the City” and “Young Pope” series.

Hostages was first shown at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2017. Later, it received an award for best director at the Kinotavr Festival.

Hostages tells the story of a young man and woman who hijack a plane in Tbilisi in November 1983, hoping to escape from the Soviet Union. They kill several passengers, but encounter resistance from the armed pilot and are eventually arrested after landing.

Rezo Gigineishvili is a Russian director born in Tbilisi.

‘Hostages’ is a drama, a drama without catharsis. Who is actually the hostage? The one who is trying, through violence, to free himself from the hardships of life, or the civilian who finds himself in captivity on board the plane? JAMnews’ article on the Tbilisi film premiere in April 2017

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