The family detained include a mother, father and their two children " />

Georgian police detain 7 for online drug dealing – 4 from single family

The family detained include a mother, father and their two children

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has uncovered a large-scale drug sale scheme via the internet, for which seven people have been detained.

Among the detainees are four members of a single family – a mother, father and two children.

Dealing drugs on the internet

“An organized group of seven people acted according to a previously developed plan. In particular, they were engaged in the illegal sale of drugs via the internet. As a result of the large-scale operation, various narcotic substances packaged in 2,125 packages ready for sale were [seized]”, said Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Bortsvadze.

The Interior Ministry says the investigation into the case has been ongoing for several months, and discovered that the detainees had registered a shop called MEGASHOP on the Matanga platform, through which they sold the drugs.

They packed the drugs in small packages, placed them in caches in different places in Tbilisi, took pictures and sent them to the clients with appropriate instructions and coordinates, and the amount was transferred to their account on the Matanga website.

As a result of a search of the detainees, as well as of their homes and vehicles, 2,125 packages of various narcotic substances prepared for sale were seized.

In particular, MDMA, methamphetamine, amphetamine and cocaine were seized. As a result of the search, cars, a large sum of money, mobile phones and computer equipment were used, which were used by the accused to sell drugs.

The detainees face 8 to 20 years in prison, and are being held in pre-trial custody.

The court selected the detainee as a measure of restraint preliminary detention.

MIA statistics

According to the deputy minister, since January 1, 2019 to today, the Georgian police have seized 13 kilograms of heroin, 1,530 tablets of Subotex and suboxin, 2,400 tablets of ecstasy and five kilograms of a new psychoactive substance, one kilogram and 400 grams of cocaine and 350 grams of psychotropic drugs.

676 people have been convicted of drug crimes, of which 55 were drug traffickers.

Detainees plead not guilty

One of the members of a family detained for selling drugs via the internet does not plead guilty and says that the drugs were “planted” on him.

As the defendant’s lawyer Giorgi Laliashvili told Interpressnews agency, his client initially pleaded guilty and testified in the investigation, but later, during interrogation as a defendant, said he was innocent.

Another detainee, Anna Abramidze, exercised the right to silence and does not admit guilt to guilt in the matter.

“The whole family is detained, her husband and two sons. She is very worried about this and is crying. She says that a small amount of drugs did exist, but not as much as were taken out of the house”, said her lawyer, Mariam Paposhvili, who has noted her client is cooperating with the police and has agreed to provide a DNA sample.

How easy is it to buy drugs in Georgia

In May 2018, Rustavi 2 conducted a journalistic investigation, in which a journalist registered on the Russian-language site, found the appropriate ads and paid in bitcoin. After 15 minutes, the journalist received a message stating that the order is ready, as well as the GPS coordinates of the place where the dealer had placed the substance mephedrone.

Finding the spot, the journalist called a patrol and handed over the find. The journalists conducted this investigation after five people died in Tbilisi and up to 10 received severe intoxication after taking an unknown narcotic substance. The police then detained two people and stated that they had identified a scheme for selling drugs via the Internet.

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