The day he was a fired, another lift fell, crushing a janitor to death " />

Falling lifts and corruption scandals: former head of Baku lift inspection company under investigation

The day he was a fired, another lift fell, crushing a janitor to death

The head of Liftremont, a company engaged in the production and certification of lifts in Baku, has been fired.

Qudrat Shukurov is also under investigation by the head prosecutor’s office for allegedly wasting and misappropriating large amounts of money.

Residents have long recognised that Liftremont’s reparation and certification activities leave much to be desired. These lifts are notorious for their lack of functionality as well as frequent occurrence of accidents, which are occasionally fatal. The last such incident took place when Shukurov was fired: on 4 October a janitor was crushed to death by a lift.

The prosecutor’s office has taken an interest in Shukurov for his alleged involvement in several corruption cases. In particular, the American company United Technologies Corporation was obliged to pay a multimillion-dollar fine for the fact that its subsidiary, OTIS Elevator Co., bribed Liftremont in exchange for the exclusive right to provide lifts to residential buildings in Baku.

The media has speculated about Shukurov’s shady dealings, especially after he threw an overly luxurious wedding for his daughter.

Facebook users have reacted to news of the investigation and the recent death:

“He asked for it. He was too extravagant with that wedding; people started paying attention and looking into his affairs.”

“They’ve found a scapegoat. It’s obvious that the lifts in the homes where ordinary people live will continue to fall. In 10 years will they still blame him?”

“I feel horrible for that poor woman!”

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