Approximately 120,000 families will pay less for gas, water and electricity" />

Cheaper utilities for the socially vulnerable in Armenia

Approximately 120,000 families will pay less for gas, water and electricity

Armenians who use less than 600 cubic meters of gas a month will pay 80 for each cubic meter instead of the current 100 drams, that is, 4 cents less. The announcement was made today by Gazprom-Armenia, the official supplier of natural gas in the republic.

The supplier did not explain the reasons for their decision, but it is obviously in line with  the policy of the new government. The Cabinet of Ministers has already slashed electricity rates for socially vulnerable families by 25%  The decision will come into force on 1 July.

Families with small incomes will pay less for water as well. Minister of Energy Infrastructure and Natural Resources of Armenia Artur Grigoryan said that negotiations are underway to reduce tariffs for running water.

Thus, approximately 120 thousand families will pay less for gas, water and electricity.

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan charged his government to find whether an even greater reduction in tariffs is possible:

“This is good [a reduction in the electricity tariff – JAMnews], but further discussions are needed. In particular, it is necessary to understand whether there are corruption risks with Electric Grids and Gazprom-Armenia companies.”

Previously, Pashinyan also touched upon the issue of reducing gas tariffs. He said that Russia sells gas to Armenia at fairly low prices, but ordinary consumers do not feel it. Pashinyan called this an “intra-Armenian” issue which he plans to tackle:

“At the border, Armenia receives cheap gas from Russia, but the gas price doubles between the border and the consumer’s house. We must discuss and understand this problem inside Armenia. This does not concern our relations with Russia … The question may be related to inefficient management or even corruption.”

At the same time, Armenia hopes to receive an even more substantial discount on Russian gas, Pashinyan says.

“Of course, we hope to get cheaper gas. We understand that this is an exclusive price for Armenia. But we would like it to be more exclusive. We will discuss these issues, and I hope that we will succeed,” the Prime Minister said.

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