Who is he- the ISIS Georgian warrior?

What made him, an ordinary Georgian guy, a member of ISIS? An interview with the mother and brother of Badri Iremadze, the Islamist newbie in Syria

Fight Against Terrorism Or…

“Terrorists”, “Armed Group”, “Gangsters” – Shortly, Criminals Have Been Detained. The Exact Formulation Has Not Been Provided Yet

ISIS threat against Georgia

Georgian-speaking terrorists, fighting in the ISIS ranks, have released a video message containing a threat against Ajara Muslims and Christians living in Georgia

Grapes at half-price

Viticulture in Armenia is facing a crisis, while the government, wine companies and farmers cannot agree on how to get out of it

Chickens getting to their feet

A paradoxical story about Karabakh poultry plant, that generates no profit, but is steadily conquering new markets

More MPs – Is It Better?

That’s what Abkhazia is going to find out soon. There will be 55 instead of 35 members in Parliament