Experts on women and children believe that this would solve the problem of alimony " />

Azerbaijan again proposes to create alimony fund, but state in no hurry

Experts on women and children believe that this would solve the problem of alimony

In order to solve the problem of evading child support, Azerbaijan has once again proposed creating a state child support fund.  

The other day, the same idea was voiced by the chairman of the State Committee on Family, Women and Children Hijran Huseynova.

Why does the country need an alimony fund

In Azerbaijan, the number of divorces is growing every year.  From January to September 2019, more than 12,000 couples divorced in the country – almost 15% more than in the same period last year.

According to the law, after a divorce, a man must pay child support in the amount of 25% of his official salary to his ex-wife.  The problem is that in Azerbaijan, many entrepreneurs in their financial statements greatly understate the amount of their salary in order to pay less taxes.  Then the real income of a person is not fixed anywhere and the amount of alimony that the state may require becomes very small.

 And some ex-husbands just leave for another country and shy away from paying child support in this way.

 In such cases, a woman can end up in a very precarious position if she does not have work, education and family assistance.

 Therefore, human rights defenders and experts dealing with the problems of women and children have been proposing the establishment of an alimony fund for several years now.

How would the maintenance fund work?

The alimony fund would be fed by the state budget; women whose husbands refuse to pay alimony would receive money from this fund. 

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