The video clip has become an absolute hit on Georgian social media" />

Saakashvili publishes a teaser trailer for his film about Ukraine

The video clip has become an absolute hit on Georgian social media

Mikheil Saakashvili, the ex-President of Georgia and currently a Ukrainian politician, has published a 13-minute draft promo video on his Facebook page of his film about Ukraine’s future and the way he sees it.

The film has several parts comprised of the following: a new state, economy, army, geography, technologies and Ukrainian people.

“It’s a very raw, draft video, but I believe it will be very insightful after it is completed,” Saakashvili wrote on his FB page.

The Ukrainian media reported that the video clip was filmed, among others, on the Black Sea coast and in the area beyond Zatoka and Sergeevka. In the video Saakashvili spoke about the possibility of turning the area into a business paradise as well as the construction of hotels, casinos and the creation of job opportunities.

One particular part that features Saakashvili strolling along the seashore and speaking about the prospects of turning Odessa into Atalia, and then falling on wet sand, has become particularly popular.

The video of Saakashvili’s fall has become a big hit among Georgian Facebook users who carefully scrutinized everything, be it the idea of the clip or its implementation.

The most attentive ones noticed that the colour of Saakashvili’s trousers were different when he strolled along the seashore compared to when he fell down on the sand.

The scene has also inspired some memes, of which the most popular are based on the Lost TV series:


To the music of Michael Jackson:

And even Whitney Houston:

And here he is being chased by Cosa Nostra:

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