Specialists say contributing factors are social issues and irregular work schedules" />

Armenia’s young men increasingly suffering strokes

Specialists say contributing factors are social issues and irregular work schedules

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of young Armenian men aged 20-30 who suffer strokes.

The Armenian media has begun paying particular attention to the problem.


The head of Armenia’s Association of Neurology, Gurgen Hovhannesyan, states that it is aggravated by social factors and irregular work schedules.

“For example, taxi drivers work up to 14-16 hours per day without extended breaks or weekends off. This also interferes with their ability to receive proper nutrition. All of this, in addition to harmful habits such as smoking, can lead to a stroke.”

Hovhannesyan says that immunity issues and resistance to strokes are specific to individuals.

Moreover, cardiovascular issues are not properly observed and treated in Armenia:

“Healthcare is not free in Armenia, and thus many avoid going to the doctor.”

Why people do not stay in hospitals after strokes

Most people who suffer strokes in Armenia do not remain in hospitals. They try to leave as soon as possible due to socio-economic problem.

Hovhannesyan says that hospitals approach stroke patients in a number of various ways, and there are no standards as to their treatment. Moreover, rehabilitation is costly and not everyone can afford the costs associated with a rehabilitation centre.

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