General information on the goals and schedule of the visit" />

Putin to visit Abkhazia

General information on the goals and schedule of the visit

Preliminary reports indicate that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is expected to visit Abkhazia for two hours on 8 August.

Little is known about the visit. Putin is to meet the Abkhazian president Raul Khadjimba in Pitsunda.

Three versions are popular in Abkhazia of why Pitsunda was chosen:

  • Putin has already visited Sukhum in 2013;
  • It is easier to provide security in Pitsunda than in Sukhum;
  • The meeting will not last long, and Pitsunda is closer to Sochi, where Putin will fly to.

The date of the meeting is easier to explain. On 8 August 2008, the armed conflict resumed in South Ossetia which resulted in Russia recognizing Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent countries two weeks later.

Sources who have ties in Raul Khadjimba`s administration claim that no treaties will be signed during the meeting.

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