Traffic police hope the dummies will help prevent accidents, but locals are skeptical" />

Patrol car dummies appear on Azerbaijani highways – one has already been in an ‘accident’

Traffic police hope the dummies will help prevent accidents, but locals are skeptical

Plastic models of patrol cars have appeared on Azerbaijani roads, in the hopes of encouraging drivers to slow down and obey traffic laws – but one such model has already ‘been in an accident.’ 

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Highway illusions

The dummies are equipped with flashing headlights, and some with radar dishes. 

They are installed mainly on intercity routes, writes 1news.


From afar, the dummy looks like a real traffic police car.  Per the plan, this was to make drivers slow down, drive carefully and obey the traffic laws. 

The Baku Traffic Police Department says that this is practiced in many countries. 

But users of social networks do not believe in the success of this venture.

Some typical comments: 

“I won’t be surprised if soon these models also begin to take bribes” 

“Against those who do not care about the rules, such dummies are powerless”

“What an absolutely useless thing. After the first time they will be ignored”

First accident

The first “injured” dummy stood for several days on the highway connecting Baku with the city of Chamakhi.

 The driver who ran into the dummy was soon detained, but it has yet to be reported whether he purposefully ran into the dummy. 

of the State Statistics Committee, 822 accidents occurred in Azerbaijan in the first six months of 2019.  This is two times more than in the same period last year.

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