Perpetrators will be detected by CCTV cameras" />

Passengers to be punished for bus littering in Baku

Perpetrators will be detected by CCTV cameras


‘Bakubus’ transport company has ‘declared a war’ against individuals, contaminating the municipal buses – the company’s official website reads.

“There are so many things one can find inthebus passenger compartments upon return to the bus depot at midnight. And that’s given that they were thoroughly and gradually cleared by specialists throughout the night. There are different types of household waste, napkins, cigarette butts, scraps of paper, the remains of fruits and other products, etc. The most regrettable thing is that some irresponsible passengers paint, scratch and inflict irreparable damage to bus seats,” Mansur Piriyev, the head of Bakubus press service, told APA  news agency.

Piriyev added that the perpetrators would be detected using CCTV cameras. “Relevant measures will be taken against such passengers, as prescribed by the legislation. A sum of penalty imposed for such violation hasn’t been specified yet.”

  • Set up in 2014, “Bakubus” company is under the jurisdiction of Baku municipal authorities 
  • French-Italian ‘Iveco’ company’s brand-new passenger buses operate on the company’s routes
  • Bus travel fare amounts to AZN 0.20 (approximately US$ 10). Payments are made by travel cards only.


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