"We have raised the retirement age - but do we live as long?"" />

Opposition rally in Baku: what do the participants demand?

"We have raised the retirement age - but do we live as long?"

At least 3,000 people came to the opposition rally in Baku. Judging by the slogans on the posters of the protesters, the people’s demands were:

  1. To improve the education system.
  2. To release political prisoners (there were many names on the posters, including religious figures convicted of extremism, recently convicted blogger Mehman Huseynov, leader of the “Real” movement Ilgar Mammadov and many others).
  3. To solve the issues of social security and corruption.

Concerning the speech of the leader of the Azerbaijani Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (APFP), Ali Kerimli, he named all the issues of the country, including the delicate matter of transferring power: “For many years the same family has ruled in the country,” Kerimli said.

JAMnews’s correspondent spoke with the rally participants to find out what prompted each of them to protest.

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