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Media monitoring in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 11-15 September, 2023

  • Friday, September 15, Armenia. "Putin is very vindictive towards anyone who disobeys him. We need to increase our support for Armenia" - US Deputy Secretary of State

  • Friday, September 15, Azerbaijan. "Armenia's political adventure that distorts reality" - Foreign Ministry

  • Friday, September 15, Georgia. "It is unfair that Moldova and Bosnia have EU candidate status and Georgia does not" - ruling party

  • Thursday, September 14, Armenia. "Rome Statute will be ratified, that it is not related to Armenia-Russia relations" - Pashinyan

  • Thursday, September 14, Georgia. "If Georgia is denied EU candidate status, it will mean that someone is really leaving us in the hands of Russia" - ruling party

  • Thursday, September 14, Azerbaijan. Moscow outraged by Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry statement on elections in Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia

  • Wednesday, September 13, Azerbaijan. In response to the election of the president of the unrecognised NKR, the UN called on Armenia to respect the Security Council resolutions confirming the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan

  • Wednesday, September 13, Armenia. "Russia is not Armenia's enemy, [...] Yerevan is telling untruths" - Russian Foreign Ministry

  • Wednesday, September 13, Georgia. Parliament refused to discuss a petition demanding cancellation of direct air communication with Russia

  • Tuesday, September 12, Georgia. Josep Borrel: "We regret that Tbilisi has become a hub for ferrying Russians to Europe"

  • Tuesday, September 12,Azerbaijan. "We do not recognize Karabakh as an 'independent' and 'sovereign state' and therefore do not recognize the results of the 'elections'"

  • Tuesday, September 12, Armenia.Pashinyan: "Armenia's possible ratification of the Rome Statute of the ICC is not directed against Russia, but is related to the situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border"

  • Monday, September 11, Azerbaijan. A lorry with food sent by Russia for the Armenian population of Karabakh is still standing in Barda

  • Monday, September 11, Armenia. Pashinyan spoke with over 30 Western leaders and expressed willingness to discuss matters with the Azerbaijani president

  • Monday, September 11, Georgia. The scandal surrounding the Prime Minister and the threat of impeachment

  • Media monitoring in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 4-8 September, 2023

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