An MP accuses the new president and the ruling party" />

“New speaker in South Ossetia as the result of criminal collusion and cynic deception of the people”

An MP accuses the new president and the ruling party

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A scandal is gaining momentum in South Ossetia around the new president Anatoly Bibilov and the ruling United Ossetia party.

The scandal arose because of ‘unacceptable circumstances’ surrounding the election of the new parliament speaker Petr Gassiev, depicted in the video address by Dmitry Tasoev, the United Ossetia political council chairman.

The new speaker was elected on 7 June. The United Ossetia representative, Petr Gassiev, won the support of both the majority and minority deputies (21 out of 32).

Two episodes have disappeared from his official biography – his service in the local riot police and his employment at the South Ossetian branch of the Soros Foundation.

Local civil activists also publicized some unpleasant episodes from Petr Gassiev`s biography.

The South Ossetian journalist, Timur Tskhurbaty, told Echo of the Caucasus that no positive changes are to be expected, since Petr Gassiev is an absolute timeserver.

In his video address Dmitry Tasoev called the election a ‘spit in people’s faces’, a ‘criminal collusion’ and a ‘cynical deception’.

Tasoev stated the following facts:

  • The United Ossetia faction meeting was held in the presidential office, not in parliament;
  • According to the law, the meeting was to be chaired by the faction and council chairmen, who were not even invited;
  • There were neither a shorthand report nor a final protocol.

The choice that candidate Tasoev calls the most intriguing:

“Petr Gassiev has done absolutely nothing for South Ossetia. Neither in parliament, where he has spent two and a half years in vain, nor anywhere else.”

Dmitry Tasoev called for an extra-ordinary ruling party congress in order to investigate ‘the doings of a group of people’.

Then he added in Ossetian: ‘With Ossetia in the hands of such people, nothing good is to be expected’.

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