No new border crossing points leading into Georgia will be opened" />

Movement rules simplified in South Ossetian border zone

No new border crossing points leading into Georgia will be opened

photo: Nelly Gabaraeva

The protocol for entering the border zone of South Ossetia has changed, says the press service of the Committee of State Security of the republic.

Decisions have been made to:

  • Take seven villages out of the border-zone, which means that the rules of movement common to the entire territory of South Ossetia will now be enforced.
  • Simplify rules for movement around villages whose territory partly falls within 100 meters of the border or less. Now, people that live or arrive on these territories will only need their regular passport or service document. Earlier, it was mandatory to receive a pass from the border service of South Ossetia in order to pass through that zone.
  • The liberalization of the movement regime concerns only residents of these villages. No new entry points into Georgia will be opened. 

The changes do not regard foreign citizens within the border zone: foreigners must still obtain special permission to be in that zone.

Journalist Yuri Vasagov spoke to Ekho Kavkaza (Echo of the Caucasus), and said:

“This new order of the government is aimed at making life easier for residents of the border villages. It will now be easier for them to do agriculture in this zone. Earlier there were cases where one had to take one’s passport or receive permission, and there were limitations on the number of days. These issues were raised with the previous authorities, and there was a difference of opinion and other difficulties. Now, the government has solved the issue.”

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