The incident made for some ironic comments on social media " />

Morgue robbed in Abkhazia

The incident made for some ironic comments on social media

The morgue in Sukhum was robbed on Monday night. The perpetrators presumably broke into the morgue through a door and cracked the safe.

Gennady Bobua, the chief of the forensics bureau who supervises the morgue refused to comment on the incident. The law-enforcement agency has launched an investigation into the case.

The incident has become a major topic of discussion on social media. Most of the social media users were ironic about the incident. Here are some typical comments:

Regrettably none of the deceased stood up and gave them a punch. That would have been a twist!”

“This type of robbery is absolutely safe for criminals’ health because it’s commonly known that a dead man can’t do any harm. However, speaking in terms of morality and elementary fastidiousness, it is quite obvious that the robbers were immoral and not fastidious in general. Such thieves can be referred to as hyenas.”

“I was quite amused at how low our people have fallen, and it seemed they couldn’t stoop lower than that. Now Abkhazia has its own ‘Necrophages’. One can’t fall lower than that.”

“Of course they can fall lower than that, can’t they? And the next step will be to burgle a public WC.”

“Maybe the rascals have stolen forensic examination findings?”

“There was reportedly RUB 3 million in the safe. The director kept the money there because he was sure no one would dare break into the morgue which is surrounded by the republican traffic police department, hospital and cemetery. It’s clear now that there is no secure place to keep one’s savings.”

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