American documentarian on the reasons and methods of Russia’s possible interference in the U.S. election" />

‘Is Putin the most powerful man in the world?’ – CNN asks

American documentarian on the reasons and methods of Russia’s possible interference in the U.S. election

A scheme of contacts and links between the key figures in Donald Trump’s Administration, as well as in Russia and Ukraine, CNN

‘Is Putin the most powerful man in the world?’ – that’s the question raised by Fareed Zakaria, a journalist, political analyst and editor of the Newsweek magazine. He answers affirmative to this question in his new, same-name documentary – ‘The most powerful man in the world’, recently aired by CNN TV channel.

The journalist start a story of the Russian leader’s political career from the fall of the Berlin Wall, when Putin, the Russian KGB agent, who was stationed at the KGB headquarters in Dresden, found himself surrounded by a mob of protesters. It was a total fear that has been maintained with him forever, says Zakaria, ‘and so, he decided to overcome that fear through total control’.

In the journalist’s opinion, the entire recent story with Russia’s alleged interference in the U.S. election and the crisis in the U.S.-Russia relations, in general, takes its roots from Hillary Clinton’s words: ‘Putin was a KGB agent-by definition he doesn’t  have a  sole’.  According to Fareed Zakaria, Putin didn’t forgive Clinton for affronting him and his alleged personal order to interfere in the U.S. presidential election wasn’t motivated by a desire to help Donald Trump, but rather to drown Clinton.

The film author insists that the US government and citizens have poor understanding of Russia and the Russian citizens’ attitude to the President, and that’s a big and dangerous mistake. The USA couldn’t understand that Crimea’s integration into Russia has become a source of proud for the absolute majority of the Russian community. And also, that Putin really enjoys an unprecedented rating of approval within the community, that was enthusiastic to support putting a stake on national capacity. And a targeted anti-Western propaganda, pursued through thoughtful mass publicity thanks to almost total control over the media, has been used as a tool to achieve the aforesaid support.

Of course, the USA and China, for that matter, are more powerful countries than Russia, Fareed Zakaria concludes, but, in his words, the power of a head of state is determined both by the country’s strength and the capacity he or she has to exercise that power, unilaterally, unconstrained by other institutions, parties and political forces.

Therefore, the world should mind that it probably deals with the most powerful leade.

Fareed Zakaria interviewing Russia’s then-President, Dmitry Medvedev. September 15, 2009. Photo: RIA Novosti

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