Prime Minister Pashinyan welcomed participants in French, which surprised his fellow citizens" />

International Francophonie forum held in Yerevan

Prime Minister Pashinyan welcomed participants in French, which surprised his fellow citizens

The International Organization of the Francophonie is holding a forum in Yerevan. The Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan and the head of the organisation Michaëlle Jean, welcomed the participants.

“The participation of many young people and the older generation at these events has shown how important civil society is and how important the values of democracy and solidarity in our country are. These values we share with our friends from Francophonie. I am proud to note the importance of the fact that our country is hosting participants in the Francophonie forum.”

The 17th summit of the International Organization of the Francophonie will be held next month in Yerevan. About one hundred delegates and five thousand guests from different countries are expected to visit Yerevan. The Francophonie summit may become the biggest event of its kind ever to be held in Armenia.

Armenia believes that holding the summit in Yerevan, and chairing the International Organization of the Francophonie, is unique. Armenia was granted full member status only five years ago.

Jean noted that preparations for the summit are in full swing:

“We are honored to hold the summit in the country where the velvet revolution – a peaceful change of power – took place.”

Summit participants are expected to sign the ‘Living Together’ pact, which is also the motto of the summit. A business forum is also planned, which will allow Armenia to expand economic cooperation with francophone countries. A network of businessmen from francophone countries is to be created during the Yerevan business forum.

The Francophonie (Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie) is an international organization that unites francophone countries. It includes 58 members representing different states and regions. The level of French is not taken into account when joining the organisation. Instead, the criteria for membership is the strength of cultural ties and cooperation with France.

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