This will be done by a new religious organization. It’s easier for clergy to visit inmates" />

Relatives of inmates made men and women of the cloth in Georgia

This will be done by a new religious organization. It’s easier for clergy to visit inmates

Biblical Support – that’s the name of the new religious organization that was officially registered on 7 February. It offers a unique service: giving clergyman status to the relatives of individuals serving prison terms. This will give them the opportunity to visit their loved ones behind bars without a problem, as clergymen are not restricted from visiting inmates. This was written about by the publication Netgazeti.

According to Georgian law, it is much easier for clergymen to visit inmates.

The organization, Biblical Support, which begins its services starting today, was founded by attorney Aleksandr Kobaidze. According to him, the project is good not only because it makes it easier for loved ones to see one another, but also because it will ensure that inmates are not alienated from society.

“We have eased the conditions of serving a prison term. Now close relatives or any who wish can, as an individual with the status of clergy, easily visit a person serving a prison term,” said Kobaidze.

This is not the first instance in which a religious organization has been registered in Georgia for non-religious purposes.

In April 2017, the political movement Girchi [Geo. Pinecone] registered a religious organization named the Christian, Evangelist, Protestant Church of Georgia – Biblical Freedom. The purpose of this organization is to legally release all who wish to do so from their military obligations.

The organization operates as follows: a draftee is issued a certificate attesting that he is a clergyman. As a servant of the above-mentioned church, he is released from being drafted into the army, since, according to Georgian law, the clergy and seminarians are granted a deferral.

Girchi’s approach works. A large number of people who don’t want to serve in the military have come to the movement for help. According to Girchi’s data, there are already three thousand such ‘clergymen’ in Georgia. The organization is now preparing for the ‘spring draft’. One must pay 50 lari in order to become a clergyman of the Biblical Freedom Church. The certificate for presentation to the commissariat costs another 50 lari.

Biblical Freedom
“Free citizens of the country. In connection with the coming spring draft into the army,
we announce that, starting today, the church will be working as usual,
each working day from three to five.
All inquiries should be addressed to the inboxes of Biblical Freedom or Girchi.
We wish you reason, peace, and respect for others’ freedoms.”

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