A Traffic police spokesman believes the autumn rains came unexpectedly " />

Heavy rains seriously hinder Baku traffic

A Traffic police spokesman believes the autumn rains came unexpectedly

Rain came down in buckets for the second day in a row in Baku and the surrounding areas. The heavy rain continued all night and has been causing serious problems on Baku’s roads.

The rain has severely affected the suburbs of Baku, where yards and roads were flooded and pedestrians had to cross roads in knee-deep water.

“In Baku, autumn came unexpectedly once again,” Mashadi Fakhraddin, a resident of Surakhani village said ironically. “Again they waited until the rainy season to begin repairing the sewer system. Was it impossible to do repairs in the summer? Now our children are forced to go to school, not only in knee-deep water, but also through mud caused by the repairs.”

Journalists from the information agency Report wrote that many officials from the executive branch, and other accountable structures, simply ignored questions about the deplorable conditions of Baku’s roads. a list of phone numbers on their website of officials who had refused to answer journalists’ questions or who didn’t answer the phone at all.

Poor weather conditions also affected the safety of urban transport. The city traffic service reported that on 2 October there were six accidents which resulted in material damage for citizens.

The Head of the Public Relations Department of the State Road Police of Baku, Vagif Asadov, told the Sputink agency that traffic police had appealed to the executive branch with a request to install drainage systems in places where large bodies of water tend to form.

“They were supposed to begin laying asphalt there (in the village of Binagadi – ed.) yesterday. But the unexpected autumn rain ruined the builders’ plans.

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