Fired official gives explosive testimony" />

Former FBI chief on Russia and Trump

Fired official gives explosive testimony

On 8 June, former FBI chief James Comey testified before the Senate intelligence committee. Comey was fired by President Trump on 9 April. Suspicions arose that the move may be connected with an investigation conducted by the FBI into allegations of Russia meddling in the American elections.

The testimony revealed that:

  • The FBI had no doubt that Russia stood behind the cyber attacks on more than a hundred American organizations in the last two years, conducted with the knowledge of the high-ranking Russian officials.
  • President Trump did not give any orders, but “expressed hope” that the FBI would drop the investigation against the former National security adviser Michael Flynn concerning his contacts with Russian officials.
  • James Comey blamed President Trump of lying about the reasons for firing him from FBI.

The investigation into Russian meddling continues. It is being conducted by the Senate intelligence committee and a special prosecutor from the Justice Department.

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