Unique card paper - an original symbol of everlasting memory, mourning and respect" />

Armenian Genocide Memorial flowers to be recycled for card production

Unique card paper - an original symbol of everlasting memory, mourning and respect

A ‘Flower Gathering’ campaign has been launched by volunteers at the Armenian Genocide Memorial today. Many flowers, brought by people to the eternal fire on 24 April to commemorate victims of the Armenian genocide, were simply burned earlier. Whereas this year, the Foundation for the Preservation of Wild Life and Cultural Assets has decided to give the flowers a second life. This campaign has been carried out for the 7th time already.

Petals of the collected flowers are dried on-site in front of the memorial and then sent for recycling. The paper produced through special technology is transferred to the Museum Institute of the Armenian Genocide and used for the production of acknowledgement letters, diplomas, certificates, postcards and photo albums.

As for the flower stems, they are recycled and used as compost in the Memorial Park, located in the vicinity of the Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex.

The campaign initiators believe it inappropriate to throw away and burn the flowers that symbolize compassion, grief and the memory of the Genocide victims. “It’s very symbolic to send a letter or invitation on this paper. Having realized what this paper is made of, an addressee will give a serious thought to his/her position with regard to the Armenian genocide.”

One kilogram of flower petals makes 40 sheets of A3-format paper. Over 2 tons of flowers are annually laid at the eternal fire on the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day.

The organizers of the campaign believe that the ‘flower gathering’ idea helps to develop a certain culture and a system of values in people. “It’s a chance to once again touch upon environmental issues, to propagate an environmentally friendly culture, as well as a caring attitude to nature and the resources that we possess.

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