Victims may soon be protected via online monitoring" />

Domestic violence offenders to wear tracking bracelets in Azerbaijan

Victims may soon be protected via online monitoring

Changes have been proposed to the law on domestic violence in Azerbaijan. If they are passed, the police will be able to monitor perpetrators online via ankle or wrist bracelets.

The bracelets will also serve as a restraining order. Under current law, an offender has no right to approach, call, write or contact a victim in any way. With the tracking bracelet, it will immediately become known if a perpetrator approaches a location specified in a restraining order.

Other assistance is also envisioned for victims of domestic violence: “[The services of -ed] Social workers, psychologists, lawyers and employees of local shelters, as well as other preventive measures, will be extended to the family,” said Elgun Safarov, head of the Department for Information and Analytics of the The State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs.

Current statistics show that every third woman in Azerbaijan falls victim to domestic violence (a victim may be a man, but such cases are rare). Restraining orders are not popular as many women are afraid to speak out about violence and do not believe they can be protected. The annual number of those under police protection as part of a restraining order is less than ten individuals, even though this practice was introduced seven years ago.

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