The portal is called “Bærzæfcæg”, which means Cross Passage" />

Books in Ossetian language made available online

The portal is called “Bærzæfcæg”, which means Cross Passage

An electronic library in the Ossetian language, ‘Bærzæfcæg’ (Barzafcag), has been created on the popular Russian-language social networking site ‘VKontakte‘. One of the creators, Aslan Kudzaev, told JAMnews that over 1000 books have been digitized, with children’s literature appearing in the near future. “We are working by ourselves, not on a commercial basis. For us, this is more of a hobby, for which we receive thanks from our subscribers,” says Kudzaev.

Bærzæfcæg means ‘Cross Passage’ (a mountain passage on the Georgian military highway, on the road from Vladikavkaz to Tbilisi). Initially, Aslan Kudzaev worked on an electronic library together with Kosta Demeevy and Batraz Sidamonovy. Later, he was helped by one of the readers with the process of digitizing books. The reader himself scans the books and sends the completed version for upload to the portal. “Unfortunately, he will not release his name. I want to thank him for his help,” said Aslan Kudzaev.

In the online library there are already books from well-known ethnographers and experts on Ossetia, an Ossetian dictionary, including the etymological dictionary of Abayev and a three-tome Ossetian-Russian-German dictionary of Miller. Moreover, several literary works have already been digitized, such as Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe and several memoires of Anton Chekhov, which were translated back in the 1930s by an Ossetian poet who worked under the nom de plume of Ilas Arnigon.

Amongst the subscribers to the library are many who live outside of North and South Ossetia.

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