How to pass university exams that are due immediately after the holidays and handle stress" />

7 tips from students

How to pass university exams that are due immediately after the holidays and handle stress

All students are probably equally scared of the winter session exams that are due in the post-holiday period, whereas preparation for them during the holidays dampens the mood even more. Instead of taking part in the carousals, posting nice pics on the Facebook page, dancing and having fun with friends, they have to spend sleepless nights poring over textbooks and hieroglyphic, scribbled lecture notes.

40 students from different faculties of the Armenian higher education institutions have been surveyed to find out how student prepare for the exams these days and how they handle stress. Here we present only 7 out of numerous answers that are distinguished by their pragmatism, optimism and humor.

So, the students advise as follows:

1. Don’t strain yourself. There are more exams ahead and more holidays that you won’t be celebrating, because you will have to pore over your textbooks for hours. Come to terms with the reality. You wanted to be educated, didn’t you?

2. Give yourself some pleasant moments. Stop studying when you get tired, don’t torture yourself. Take a break, for example, go shopping, visit a beauty parlor, listen to the music, play something, relax. Don’t make hell out of the process of preparing for an exam.

3. Eat sweet stuff. Chocolate, pastry, candied fruit jelly help your body produce ‘happiness hormones’.

4. Forget about exams and celebrate holidays. Go out for a drink. A night in a pub is the best way to show up to an exam unprepared and fail it. You will be expelled from the university and will finally have a rest.

5. Smash the crockery, go onto the balcony and shout loudly, throw the clothes out of the window, then get back to your books and continue studying as if nothing happened.

6. Study your genealogy, because the university principal, a dean or someone from the academic staff may turn out to be your distant uncle…

7. Put at stake an opportunity to celebrate the holiday properly, in chic style, and get a good education.

Good luck at the exams!

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