U.S. Peace Corps marks the 25th anniversary of its activity in Armenia " />

42 U.S. volunteers to teach at Armenian schools and universities

U.S. Peace Corps marks the 25th anniversary of its activity in Armenia

The U.S. Peace Corps celebrated the 25th anniversary of its activity in Armenia today. A swearing-in ceremony of a new group of volunteers and a reception for the 1000th volunteer, who arrived to serve in Armenia, have been held today.

A total of 42 U.S. volunteers will depart to communities across Armenia, where they will serve for the next two years with local schools, universities, and non-governmental organizations, as English Teachers and Community and Youth Development Volunteers.

The current volunteers, whose period of service hasn’t expired yet, shared their experience of working and living in Armenia with the newcomers and journalists.

According to Dadzie Moreno, 28, he has been living in Karakert village for about two years. He has been teaching English at the local school.

He will complete his volunteer mission in September. “I will miss the school, the children and the host family very much,” said Moreno.

Throughout that period he, like other volunteers, learned the Armenian language. Dadzie says his host family doesn’t speak any other language but Armenian. Thus, he learned Armenian more quickly and better than his friends.

“I have taken a liking to Armenia. What I like about it most of all is that the Armenian families are very tightly-knit. I’ve enjoyed Armenian food, dances. I like Dolma most of all. Last year, when I was staying in the USA for a couple of days, I prepared Dolma for my family,” said the volunteer.

The first group of Peace Corps volunteers arrived in Armenia in 1992. A total of 1,000 young people took part in the volunteer mission in Armenia over that period, whereas 110 volunteers are still living and working in various regions across the country.

As the U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, Richard Mills, told a journalist, it was through his personal contribution that the first group of volunteers arrived in Armenia 25 years ago.

“Volunteers of different ages come to Armenia as part of the Peace Corps program and get acquainted with the features of Armenian culture. And, after returning to the USA, they create an environment, a circle of people, who stand form a position of strengthening US-Armenia ties,” said the diplomat.

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