An 11-year old girl becomes one of the most renowned people in Abkhazia " />

Abkhazian President orders a house to be built for International children’s song contest winner

An 11-year old girl becomes one of the most renowned people in Abkhazia

Valeria Adleiba, an 11-year-old resident of Ochamchira, Abkhazia, has won the ‘You’re Super!’ international song contest. The contest final was held in the State Kremlin Palace, in Moscow.

The contest rebroadcast was organized at the Sukhum-based Philharmoni Hall, which was crowded despite the fact that the Russian NTV channel provided a live broadcast with the signal covering the entire Abkhazia.

During the three-month contest, a pupil of the Ochamchira boarding school has become an iconic figure in her homeland. More than half a million messages were sent from Abkhazia during the sms-voting in support of Valeria, and that’s against the background that the population of the republic doesn’t exceed 250,000 people.

A rather sizeable governmental delegation from Abkhazia, led by Vice-President Vitaly Gabnia, attended the final concert to support Valeria Adleiba.

The young singer from Abkhazia was crying on air of the ‘You’re Super’ contest, as she recalled her beloved grandfather, who wouldn’t see her performing on the grand stage. He grandfather died in a house fire, as he was trying to save his granddaughter’s belongings. The house was completely destroyed by the fire. So, Valeria’s parents decided to enroll her in the Ochamchira-based boarding school, since they simply had nowhere to live.

When addressing the audience, Valeria said, she dreamt about having a new house. The Abkhazian President, Raul Khajimba, in turn, pledged to help Valeria’s family restore their house.

According to Naala Avidzba, a spokesperson for the Abkhazian President, the Adleiba family has already been rendered financial assistance. The construction of a new house, where Valeria will be able to live with her parents and a younger brother, will commence in the near future.

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