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Better call Maya

Better call Maya

“There are strangers beside me who need me like the air they breath”

"People need me like the air they breath"

Want to call a taxi? Need someone to accompany you to the bank for handling financial matters or at a job interview?


Bronze people

The secrets of construction in Yerevan

Scared workers

Watch out for police


Old Goris: a cave town

There are all preconditions for the city to become a tourist center

The wedding in Sumqayit

The groom is breakdancing

Senior students favoured

10 benefits and limitations of education system reform in Armenia


The EU or the Eurasian Union?

Where do Georgians want?

New arrests in Baku

Four more activists in one day

Judges in pyjamas

Prominent Azerbaijani economist arrested


Nino Natroshvili, Tbilisi

How a single blogger was looking for a fiancé 

Magerram Zeynalov, Baku

Men in shorts. Metaphysics, secularism, trousers and aftafa

Ibragim Chkadua, Sukhum

Due to Iskander the world literature has recognized Abkhazia immediately and unconditionally

Mikhail Shevelev, Moscow

The last bit of advice


Scared workers

More than half of Georgia’s employed flee when they see police

Tourism in Turkey: Failed season

Revenues from tourism in Turkey dropped to the record low since 1994


Pay or get lost

Why Baku is unable to be proud of its beaches

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I’m afraid to speak

Is it a shame to be a victim of violence in Azerbaijan?

Zemfira cake

“My aunt’s tasty recipes” series

From the stage onto the streets

Not only is opera music highly valued, but it is also well-paid here

The rudest of all

"On the Beach" experts have polled the staff of 100 hotels worldwide

Education in Abkhazia?

Video poll had noteworthy results

A vacationer’s portrait

What attracts tourists and what they don’t like about Abkhazia

No beginning, no end

Trans-Caucasus railway: no beginning, no end

Graduation ball trends in Tskhinval

A graduation ball resembling a beauty contest

What to watch in summer

9 TV series to suit any taste

Humanity for an animal abuser

Georgian society insists on toughening the law surrounding who treat animals with cruelty

What was the point of taking up arms?

It will be the lifestyle in Nardaran, not the Islamists, that will be facing trial in Baku


I’m afraid to speak

Is it a shame to be a victim of violence in Azerbaijan?

Zemfira cake

“My aunt’s tasty recipes” series