Abkhaz opposition demands president’s resignation

The Abkhaz opposition has demanded the voluntary resignation of President Raul Khadjimba.

This demand was made during a meeting by members of Amtsakhara, one of the the most influential opposition organisations in Abkhazia and is comprised of a party of veterans from the Georgian-Abkhaz war of the 1990s.

Delegates from the 10th Amtsakhara meeting believe that Khadjimba’s presidency has been ‘incompetent’ and that it ‘has created a threat to the sovereignty of the state’. Moreover, the organisation asked him to leave his position voluntarily, thereby ‘showing real responsibility for the fate of the nation’.

The list of complaints against the president is rather extensive. The complaints range from his inability to bring the republic out of the social-economic crisis to his inability to fight crime and corruption.

Moreover, Raul Khadjimba is being criticised for the absence of real reforms and for the ‘state shuffling’ that has taken place during his administration:

“Over the four years of his leadership, the state has been unable to formulate a real team of leaders, with the republic shaken due to an eternal change in the composition of the state. The situation at large in the country points to the incompetence of the president to wield his power.”

At the end of the meeting, the president was warned of a potential revolution:

“In case Raul Khadjimba should decline to resign, the opposition will be forced … to prepare themselves for an array of legal activities across the country.”

Khadjimba’s term ends in September 2019.

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