The new government must be approved by the parliament of Georgia " />

Georgian PM presents composition of new government

The new government must be approved by the parliament of Georgia

Photo: Georgian government’s Facebook page

Georgia will soon have a new government. Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze has presented the composition of his proposed government. There are only three new ministers.

The changes were mostly made in the economic sphere. The new minister of finances will be Ivane Machariani who previously held the post of financial and commercial director of mobile communications company Geocell.

Georgi Kobulia, who previously worked in the Moscow offices of the American consulting company McKinsey and Company, will be the minister of economy and sustainable development.

The minister of education has been changed for the third time in the past eight months. The new minister will be Mikhail Batiashvili, the dean of the Business and Technology University (BTU).

•  Earlier, the new Georgian PM Mamuka Bakhtadze presented his plans for a ‘small and effective’ structure of government and abolished three ministries, leaving only 11.

The main point of interest in this new government was the minister of justice, Tea Tsulukiani. Her resignation has been demanded for several weeks now by the public and the opposition. A number of NGOs have signed a petition demanding her resignation as well. These groups believe that under Tsulukiani, a number of problems have built up in the judicial system of the country and was clearly witnessed in the case of the murder of two teenagers in December 2017 on Khorava Street.

However, Tsulukiani has retained her position.

The new composition of the government must be approved by the Georgian parliament. It is expected that a vote of confidence will take place before the end of this week.

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