Should we kill dogs?

A film about stray animal problem in South Ossetia

Stray dogs in the streets pose risk to people’s life.

It’s a risk of being bitten. Children are particularly exposed to such risk. They become the victims of animal attacks more often than adult, since animals feel their vulnerability.

It’s a risk of contracting some infectious diseases.

It’s insanitary conditions.

All the aforesaid is certainly true, but have the dogs chosen it themselves to become a threat to the people? Since dogs have become homeless and dangerous through the people’s fault, it’s the community that should deal with this problem. And animal killing could hardly solve it.

Go Group Media’s Eyewitness Studio has produced this short documentary about it.

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First published: 12.01.2016


JAMnews, Tskhinval 12 January 2017 - 11:39