Identical graves at US$160

Azerbaijani Parliament’s new bill

Identical, same-size grave slabs at equal price–AZN300 (US$160), i.e. two average salaries. A bill ‘On Cemeteries’, regulating where and how to bury the deceased, has been submitted to the President’s Administration- Siyavush Novruzov, Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on Public Associations and Religious Communities, told journalists.

New cemeteries will be located afar from residential areas, and at least at a 300-meter distance from water reservoirs. The initiators of the bill expect it to save people the trouble of taking debts to ensure a worthy gravestone for a deceased person.

At present, a price of a grave space, including a grave stone, in Azerbaijan may vary from US$1,000 and more, depending on a gravestone quality and a cemetery’s proximity to the center.

Photo by Sanan Aleskerov, 1997

Published: 11.01.2017


JAMnews, Baku 11 January 2017 - 02:32